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Pump equipment

De volgende factsheets geven u informatie over de pump equipment waar PRS International gebruik van maakt.

Cryogenic booster pump

The PRS International Cryogenic booster pumps are designed for pumping Nitrogen and LNG in the liquid phase.

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Multipurpose fluid pump trailer

The Multipurpose fluid pump trailer is compact, self-sufficient and suitable for both low and high pressure pumping. This single unit can be switched between a low pressure and a high pressure...

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180K Nitrogen Pump Unit

Skid Mounted, sound proof, Liquid Nitrogen Pumping and Vaporizing Unit with 7.000ltr LIN tank. Designed, Constructed and Certified to D.N.V 2.7.1 / BS EN12079

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Pressure filling pump

This Fluid Pump consists out of a single skid frame and is container mounted and sound proofed. The pump unit is suitable for pumping and pressurizing due to an low and high pressure...

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